Collect and invest differently

Mymuseum is a global network that connect collectors, investors and professionals in the art field in a new dynamic allowing efficient profits in full transparency


An International market place and a dematerialized web-based purchasing platform of exclusive works of art.

Mymuseum allows you to benefit from new advantages.

Blockchain is a build in a proven technology in the industry and finance segments which enables Mymuseum to provide a unique, fast and reliable application. The strength of the Blockchain infrastructure guarantees the authenticity, history and origin of the listed pieces.

Mymuseum solutions bring together the assets of a personalized approach and many international resources needed to build your art collection.

We connect sellers and buyers in a new and creative way.

Trade safely, quickly and in total transparency.

Exclusive acquisitions and sales opportunities for all investor profiles.

Collector Investor Artist Gallery Exhibition curator

1. Sign up for MyMuseum

Discover a network of artists, collectors, galleries, dealers and investors.

Take advantage of unique opportunities to invest in art.

2. Trade safely thanks to new technologies

Enjoy Blockchain, a safe and flexible tool for traders.

Commissions are replaced by a system of Smart Contracts

3. Benefit from a process with unparalleled reliability.

All transactions and logistics are automated to optimize your actions thanks to an unchangeable data system based on Blockchain

1. Online Collection, buy and resell

Catalog your collection and discover a network of collectors, artists, galleries, dealers, investors.

Take advantage of great opportunities to invest in significative artworks.

2. Direct Negociation and liquidity

Trade safely with blockchain technology in an ecosystem that promotes liquidity and privacy. Here commissions and intermediaries are replaced by a modern system of smart contracts.

3. Exclusivity

Be part of the privileged collectors club MyMuseum. Members can buy with transparency directly from other collectors and from real market professionals

1. Anyone can buy a millionaire work of art

Discover a new art market. Access unique investment opportunities in million-dollar pieces. Benefit from exponential rates of return unattainable in the traditional market. Enjoy 0% rate loan directly in your smart wallet.

2. Reliable and automatic

The effectiveness of this peer2peer environment, creates stability through smart contracts and benefits from an immutable blockchain, to guarantee the authenticity, history and provenance of the listed pieces.

3. Superimposed speculation

Bet on your favorite artists and speculate in real time on the token. Get a twice as efficient performance, both on the quotation of the work and the MYM Token. Acquire a artwork or simply a part of it, enjoying a new way to connect to the art field.

1. Connection and promotion

Discover a network of artists, collectors, galleries, merchants, investors and enjoy unique opportunities to promote and sell your artworks.

2. Reference and control

Create your own portfolio through our free cataloging system. Reference all your works and make them traceable and certified for life.

3. Accessibility and sales

The blockchain is a factor of trust and sefety that allows you to take advantage of reduced commissions. Democratize the access to investments in art through our tokenization process.

1. Promotion and sales

Promote your artists through a new network with unprecedented commercial potential.

2. Volume of transactions and liquidity

Enjoy ongoing support from our investors to acquire and sell in a timely manner.

3. Additional annual income

Tokenize and win more: keep the exclusivity of the exhibition of the work and receive an annual fee even after the work is sold.

1. Mapping the collections

Access the world's largest database of international collections to help you find content and develop exhibition curatorial projects.

2. Contact artists and specialists

Be in direct contact with artists to invite them to collaborate in your exhibition projects.

3. Find partners and funding

Find partners to make your projects a reality by raising funds from our private investment fund.

Enter the new era of art negotiations.

Soon the doors of this new world will open and everything will begin.

Register now! Enjoy and get ahead in the market by living this experience with us.

Sophie Su - CEO

Advisor and exhibition curator specialized in contemporary and modern art.

Expert in the art market with over 10 years of international professional experience, Sophie Su has a master degree in art history as well as a master in law and management of the art industry. She is a graduated auctioneer in Paris and is recognized as an expert in Modern, Contemporary and Latin American Art.



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